Look it Up

They used to say that to me a lot.  On spelling words.  I was a terrible speller.  The irony being that I’ve always had so very much to say.

I don’t know if many fourth graders who would cry over the dictionary because they couldn’t find the words the wanted but I did.  

It’s really hard to go in search of something you don’t know to where look for.  it’s even harder when things, like the English language can be tricksy – sound one way, spelled another.

I hear that around the scene sometimes too.  Go look it up.  Go where?  Go to whom?  I can run around in circles, or you can help me grow.

Did you really have to jump through hoops to learn it – or did the right person find you attractive?

Why the gatekeeping of knowledge?  What does it bring you?  Is your power buzz worth the shrinking of your community?

You can take your ball and peace out… but playing with the wall is rarely as fun as playing with others.

One thought on “Look it Up

  1. Atropa says:

    If the person saying “Go look it up” is in a position of privilege/power over (not necessarily more educated than) the person being told off, then yes, I agree.

    But if the person asking to be educated is too lazy to google, to even try to search on their own to something that is fairly widely available, then they are exercising their privilege. http://www.derailingfordummies.com/education.html

    Not everyone is an educator. People need to at least TRY to educate themselves before throwing a hissy fit on the floor about why won’t someone educate them.

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