About Heather:

Equal parts f-bombs and truthbombs, Heather’s experience, compassion and humour creates class spaces where people can open up and really sink into their learning.  They know that sexuality is fun, messy, and vulnerable, so at the end of the day, Heather is all about helping people have the conversation they need to have so they get down to having the sex they really want to be having.  

In addition to completing a Master of Education in Social Justice Education and Sexual Diversity Studies,  Heather roots her knowledge in years of field work having spent over a decade engaging in sexuality education and organizing in the kink community.  Their work is practically focused aiming to start conversations that honour the complexity of the world around them.  

She’s passionate about sexual adventure, self-exploration, transformative learning, communication, and figuring out new ways to do better.  Her favourite side project is trying to taste every beer ever made — even the gross ones.


Current Class Offerings:

In addition to the classes listed below, I’m happy to work with you to tailor something to your group’s needs.  My areas of focus are desire, consent, communication, community building, relationship building, and interpersonal interaction.  I do offer professional training for folks looking to increase their competency in the areas of BDSM /  kink, ethical nonmonogamy, and consent.

BDSM 102: Plays Well With Others

Social intelligence for the delightfully perverted
Approximate Length: 90 mins

Kink is fun.  Kink is even more fun when you involve other people.   But we don’t always know how best to do that – because it’s new to us, because it’s awkward, because it can make us show our soft underbellies – whatever, we have reasons.

This workshop aims to help you with that ‘whatever’ part.  We’ll cover everyday BDSM etiquette (read the lowest protocol you can still get invited back with), differentiating between creepy vs problematic people, as well as active vs passive consent, different ways people say no and a (potentially) new way of negotiating.

Expect frank talk about the emotional, mental and physical risks we all take when we get involved in BDSM and tips for both sides of the whip on how to minimize them.

Needs:  Whiteboard/chart paper, markers and easel

Consensual NonConsent: Playing with Edges

Approximate time:  90 mins

Description:   There are so many reasons one might choose to include consensual non-consent (cnc) elements to their play activities or relationship dynamic; so why do so many of our workshops focus strictly on sexual cnc?

This practically focused class features information and discussions covering various ways cnc can appear, how it can add benefit to our chosen dynamics, and the difference between cnc and abuse.  We’ll also cover planning for the unknown, and creating boundaries to keeping your play positive (or positively awful).  Bring a pen and ideas for CNC play you’d like to bring to life.

Needs:  Whiteboard/chart paper, markers and easel

Conversations on Consent

Approximate time:  90 mins

Description:  We talk a lot about consent when it comes to sexuality; but what does that actually mean, and how do we know if we have it?  Where are we coming from in our consent models and where are we going towards?  In this session, we’re going to talk about the pros and cons of numerous consent models so that we can start to build our own models of consent,  as well as the risks we all take when it comes interacting with other people and what our next steps might be when things go wrong.

Please Note: This workshop deals with difficult topics that may be trigging for some people.  Active self-care, as well as compassion for your fellow attendees, is encouraged.

Needs:  Ideal – set up for a powerpoint:  projector, screen, speakers and computer to plug my flash drive into.  Doable: chart paper, markers, tape, and space to hang paper.

Come Correct: A Prenegotiations Class

Approximate Time:  90 mins
Description: You’ve heard before about how important negotiations are in kink, but before we can bring the conversation to anyone else, there’s a lot we need to know about ourselves.
Consider this your negotiation prep class; well cover the basic categories of scene and relationship negotiation so you know what is relevant to your current negotiations and also what’s not.  We’ll also dig into how to talk about the unknowns, how to prep for the moments you can’t predict the outcome and why being present with our people (not just our fantasy) matters.
Needs: Whiteboard/chart paper, markers and easel

Crafting Dynamic Relationships

Approximate time:  This is an intensive – 3-4 hours is ideal

Description:  Whether you’re looking to submit for a scene, or dominate for a decade, rich, satisfying power exchange doesn’t just happen. Part Workshop, part facilitated discussion, this intensive focuses on helping you identify what type of power exchanges suit you, how to evoke the dynamic you’re looking to create, as well as ways to handle conflict while respecting the agreed upon dynamics. We’ll chat about the difference in negotiating various relationships; creating check-ins/evaluations and handling regrets.

Please bring a pen and some paper – and a willingness to share surely won’t hurt.

Needs:  Whiteboard/chart paper, markers and easel


Creating your Sandbox:  Negotiating for Fun and Filth

Approximate time: 90 mins

Description:  Newer to kink? New to negotiations? Been out of the game a while and you feel like you may have forgotten how to do it? Just want brush-up your skills?

This is a Negotiations 101 plus class.  We cover the basics and them some.  The ‘whys’ behind negotiating, different styles of negotiation (plus their pros/cons), and how to handle what you forget to mention. We’ll also cover how to negotiate for unknowns and scenes that push your boundaries. Expect of a focus on negotiating from a place of empowerment and agency, no matter where on the power spectrum you’re playing on.

Needs:  Whiteboard/chart paper, markers and easel


Deeper, Harder, Faster:  Pain Processing Techniques

Approximate time:  90 mins

Description:  Find yourself wishing you could play harder but pain is getting in the way? Curious about how a smoother processing of pain can add to your play? Completely hung up on the idea that bottoms ought to be stoic, or expressive, or moaning in orgasmic bliss ALL SCENE LONG?

Babes, let’s talk.

Together we’ll explore up to 5 styles of physical pain processing to see which styles work best for us. Heads up, this class features hands-on exercises which can be done solo or partnered, depending on your comfort level. Exercise participation is not required but is hoped for.

Needs:  none

Ethical – and Nasty As @%&*

Approximate Time: 75 minutes

Description:  The question of what does it mean to be an ethical kinkster is immense, and honestly, more than we can cover in one night – but that doesn’t mean we can’t start the conversation!

This workshop will lead you through figuring out what your personal ethical priorities are when it comes to your kink. We’re focusing on the personal, not the universal. Our goal won’t be to tell you what should be doing, but to help you get clear on what you want to be doing and give some tools to help you evaluate if you’re meeting your own standards or not. We’ll also have time for open discussion, so bring your questions!

Needs: handouts printed or projector and screen

Mind Mapping Desire

(aka I Dunno, What do you Wanna do?)
Approximate length: 90 mins

Description:  Ready, willing, and yet somehow still not able?    Know what you want, but have trouble getting that part out when it comes to negotiations time?

Let’s face it.  Not playing sucks.  But if the first step in getting play is knowing what you want, how do you figure that out?  In this class, we’ll unpack some of our appetites, figure out the keys to bringing our desires to life and learn the language needed to communicate them effectively.  Bring a pen, this class requires notes and aims to get you scene ready by the time you leave class.

Needs:  Paper & Pens/markers, Chart paper or whiteboard and markers

Picking Up Play

Approximate time: 90 mins

Description: The art of building connection out of thin air isn’t an innate skill. This class focuses on moving away from checklists and figuring out how to identify what you’re looking to get from your scenes, meeting and playing with strangers, tricks to speed up connection, negotiating on the fly for casual play with friends, and avoiding imprinting.

Additionally, we’ll talk about how to spot the difference between the nerves of playing with someone new to you versus a red flag, and why active consent makes for hot pickup play

Needs:  Whiteboard/chart paper, markers and easel

Playing with Dirty Talk

Approximate time: 75 mins
Description:  Want that mouth to match your mind?  Wishing you had the courage add more delicious dirty talk to your sex life? Want to play with some fabulous filth – but lacking inspiration? Time to put whatever’s been holding you back behind you and get ready to blush, cuz we’re going there.

We’ll cover: tailoring your talk to any situation, getting comfortable with dirty words, breaking down the formula for serving up some dirty talk without getting stuck, plus some tools to tackle shyness.  Expect lots of laughter and class participation.

Needs: Handouts + Chart paper and walls space/easel.  Dirty Libs and Serving Up Dirty Talk handout.

Service: a workshop in WTF and why

Approx Time:  90 mins to 2 hours

Description:  Curious about service? Interested in adding it to your dynamic but unsure how? Desiring a completely service-based relationship but no idea how to get that? Wondering what the fuck the deal is with service anyways?

Half discussion, half workshop, we’re going to look at the ins and out of what it means to serve, bust some myths and learn how service can be as unique as you. From adding service to your dynamic, identifying when service isn’t serving you, or connecting to service as a solo person – there’ll be something for just about everyone.

Needs:  Handouts + Whiteboard/chart paper, markers and easel


Surviving the Scene Solo

Approximate Time:  75 mins to 2 hours

Description: Exploring Kink as a solo unit? Whether you’re coming in single, doing solo poly or unexpectedly unpartnered, it’s a different experience than coming in as a part of a multi-person unit. This workshop combines lecture and loads of personal discussion to start talking about everything related to being a single or solo kinkster. The agenda is largely set by who shows up, but expect tips for finding play, providing our own ongoing aftercare, negotiating and discovering boundaries before we crash into them. We may also talk about sharing space with exes, how to deal with unwanted advances, and best practices for those of us who want to go deep with someone….but not necessarily date them. If you can, bring a pen and paper; this is gonna get juicy.

Needs:  Whiteboard/chart paper, markers and easel


Who do You Kink You Are?
A Deep Dive into your Pervy Sexuality

Approximate Time: 90 minutes

Description:  Tell me what you want, what you really really want.  Sure – just as soon as you figure it out right?  This workshop is all about helping you answer that question so you can start tripping off into the BDSM Badlands.  Using simple frameworks and deep nerdery, we’ll consider what drives you and explore the complex landscape of your kinks.  We’ll also do some BDSM myth busting and look at how giving ourselves permission to explore can open us whole new worlds.

This class is at last 69% more useful than that BDSM test you took.

Needs:  Handouts + Whiteboard/chart paper, markers and easel

Facilitated Discussions

Ideal for groups of 5-15, 1-2 hours, can do up to 30 with a co-facilitator

  • Receiving service
  • Spirituality and Sexuality
  • Playing at our outter limits
  • Emotions, Harm and Accountability – what do we owe our play partners?
  • “Conflicting” Identities in BDSM (we can pick which ones to tackle together, but to get your mind flowing, here are some suggestions: Feminism & BDSM; masculinity and submission; Anti-Oppression & Fetishism; Trauma-Informed BDSM)
  • Finding your voice as a bottom

On the Horizons:

Creating your own adventure: (not your average) BDSM 101

Here be Monsters: Playing With Your Edge

Beyond Blankets:  Aftercare, Self Care, and Self Compassion



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