About Kinkopedia

It started as a whim, simply because I was shocked the name was available.  Since 2009 it’s been home for various thoughts around kink, sex positivity, consent culture, solo polyamory, communication in and out of scenes, and observations on BDSM in general.

My aim isn’t to tell anyone how to do what they do (consent aside) but to get people thinking about best practices, authenticity, and how to do what they do best.


About Heather

Female creatured.  Not-Dominant.  Not-Straight.  Read by other as a lot of labels I don’t wear.  I am jack’s complex exploration.

Heather Elizabeth

In addition to blogging and community building, I share as often as I’m able at local and international events, and maintain a Sexuality Empowerment Coaching Practice wherein I help my clients discover, create, and connect with their sexuality by overcoming their shame, judgement, fears, and general bullshit that stops people from getting what they really want.

In no way do I want to claim to be a sole authority on anything; but I do know I have stories to share and hope that others find them useful – or at least amusing 😉

Read voraciously, think critically.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. rapscalion72 says:

    I just found this blog and love it. I have only had one go round with bondage…and I loved it. Hopefully my next relationship will involve some. I have candles, ropes…all the gear.

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