Sex Positive Podcasts

Anyone else finding it really hard time finding sex positive podcasts?  One specifically focused on sex and relationships, and not just BDSM podcasts.

If it’s not just me, I thought I’d share some reviews of sex/sexuality focused Podcasts that I enjoy – maybe you’ll like them too – or maybe you’ll have some to share with me!  The order?  It’s alphabetical cuz that’s how I roll.


Hot Sox – with Jamye Waxmen.  I used to listen to this regularly… now I don’t.  I can’t recall a great reason either, I think the hosting simply wasn’t my style.  But I would say it’s worth perusing the archives to see if something catches your eye.  It is worth a listen, especially (if memory serves here) if you’re looking for hosts with a monogamous bend.


Sex Nerd Sandra – This podcast is hosted by Sandra Daugherty, and she’s most often paired with Dave Ross.  When it’s good it’s oh so good…. but when it’s bad, it’s kinda awful.

The Threesomes episode with Reid Mihalko and Allison Mooon literally had me crying with laughter, The Pelvic Guru’s episode kept me rapt, and The Man Box episode warmed my heart/restored my faith in humanity just a bit.  And generally speaking, I’m fans of the hosts.  Both Sandra and Dave come across as both super cool and super insecure at times and I find them really relatable.   Unfortunately…kinda…sorta…. this podcast is often paired with comedian guests – and while I love  the way humour can make the conversation more accessible, sometimes the mark is really missed and filled with jokes at the expense of the others.

I made it about 8 minuetes into Does Size Matter? and tuned it off while a guest comedian was shaming the hell out of a male lover who had asked her for a little kink during sex.   The hosts?  Laughed along.
Head, meet desk.  
I get that you can’t always control what others say, but please step up and call that shit out as soon as it starts.



Sex Out Loud – Technically Tristan Taormino’s new radio show; but I’m counting it as a podcast since I’m always getting mine from iTunes.  Right now this would be my highest recommendation for sex positivity in the podcasting world.

So far it doesn’t often have the mad geekery and physical stuff of Sex Nerd Sandra (that said, earlier today I did listen to The Mayhem’s talk about butt plugs that measure orgasms – and yes, it’s wireless.), but Tristan has been able to get an awesome variety of guests and I enjoy hearing what each one of them has had to say.  So far I’ve found the shows to be a good mix of funny, inspirational, educational (in that I’ve learned of the existance lots of new books, and films) and thinky thinky.  That is to say I find the entire thing to be a good mix of those things, not each podcast….  you got that right?

If I could highlight a few episodes I would recommend  Ignacio Rivera’s appearance (which if I could make mandatory for people who do any kind of organizing in the Kinkoverse, I would), and The 50 shades episode in which Rachel Kramer Bussell pointed me to lots of new erotica to check out.


The Savage Love Podcast – Or as it’s come to be know, the Save Lovecast.

Dan Savage feels an awful lot like most of my guilty pleasures.  Maybe I feel a bit of a kinship to the guy with the big opinions and big voice who sometimes sticks his foot in it.  Or maybe I need it to hang onto the fact that I’ve listened to every single episode.  Dan is not overly sex positive, or even consistantly sex neutral.  He gets squicked by lots of stuff and is happy to share his feelings about how that with you.  Sometimes I feel like he’s that friend that will say all sorts of casually mean things, but actually succeeds in making you feel the most cared for when you’re down.  He does get his hands on some good guests experts though; if you’re going to turn to a podcast for medical advice (instead of actually seeing a doctor) turn to this one.  But not really.  See a doctor if you have a need for medical advice.

So there you have it,  all of the Sex-focused podcasts I’ve listened too and consider more-often-than-not sex positive… and they happen to be all of the ones I know of  too.

Which ones am I missing out on?

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