Introducing BDSM Booty Camp!

In case you missed the official announcement, my summer class list is up and ready for registration.  There are a few new things I’m trying out over the next few months.    First, I’m moving online!  Right now that looks like webinar-style classes.  The benefit to this style is that you can ask me questions, or get clarification in real time.  I’ve got an eye on at least 2 of these classes to turn them into self-study style classes that you can download and move through at your own pace, too.  Watch for those towards the end of summer.

The next new thing is something I’m extremely excited about:  BDSM Booty Camp.  For years I’ve been trying to come up with the perfect BDSM 101 class.  Something that would offer more than you can get from a google search.  One that could provide folks the information they need to move into exploring kink with a solid foundation of the knowledge, not only of terminology but how to figure out what they really want from scenes, how to share that so it can be heard, how to pick apart what’s relevant to this moment from all the information you could offer, and how to be in good relationship with the folks we go exploring with, whether that relationship lasts one scene or one thousand scenes.

This drive is the inspirational genesis of a fair number of my classes including workshopping your kink, Creating your Sandbox, and Picking Up Play.  I’ve always been interested in creating classes that are educational with a practical application you can use immediately – but no singular class was cutting it.  So I decided to go a different route.  I took 4 of my most popular classes, wrote a new one and am combining them with check-in notes, additional exercises, and a wrap-up discussion to share some of what’s come up for folks over our time together.

BDSM Booty Camp FlyerA lot of this is information I wished I had, or someone had helped me to think about 13 years ago when I entered the kink scene.  And it’s something I really believe will be useful, not just for folks brand new to kink, but anyone who is still trying to figure out what exploring the Kinkoverse looks like for them.  And in this, I have a request.  If you know someone who could benefit from these classes, could you send them this post?  I’d love for as many folks as possible to know about them.

The cost for BDSM Booty Camp is $125 CAD (which is about $97 USD given the current dollar situation), and to register for the whole thing you’ll need to get in touch with me directly.  Do it on Twitter, on FetLife, or my e-mail info [at] .  If you just want a few of these classes, you can do that too – all the links to the individual classes can be found here.



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