Summer Teaching Schedule


Having made it through the last term alive and a road trip that brought back my spirit (Lexington, you are a city filled with filthy fuckers and I love you for it),  I’ve got my eye on the next 4 months *before* school kicks back into full swing.

So local folks; if you wanted anything, now is a great time to request it (I’m as happy to offer private classes as I am public ones)
Localish folks (Think London — Ottawa) if you want to book me to come teach for you, reach out, we can likely make something work

If you aren’t familiar with what I teach you can see my list of pre-canned workshops here. If you’re familiar with me and how I do, you’re welcome to reach out and chat with me about what your groups needs.  My speaking fees are usually negotiable, but I’ll be upfront that you do need to pay me for my work.

(If you didn’t know; I returned to University in September of 2016 and am completing my Master’s in Education, focusing on Social Justice and Sexual Diversity Studies. I love it, but it’s swampy on the brain so I’ve cut my presence way back. I **am** still coaching and doing private teaching year round)


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