On Being an Amazing Bottom

What the fuck does being an amazing bottom even mean?! What is going on in kink that this phrase is even coming up??!

Y’all. If this is where your mind is right now I beg of you, go get reacquainted with joy in your kink. Laugh. Cry. Pant. Shriek. Come. Switch and swap those combinations until you collapse into a pile of bliss, relishing the afterglow what it feels like to connect to the best parts of everything.

Experience every second of feeling your body offers you on this ride. Sink into that. Be present with that. Be present with your partner. Feed yourself from their emotion, from the moment you both have managed to wrestle into being from this trash fire around us.

Fail to live up to your own expectations and be cherished anyway. And if you aren’t? Dump that mother fucker and hold out for someone who celebrates you in your glorious human fullness.

Turn the moment you think you’re disappointing your partner into an opportunity for them to support you and support the connection between the two of you. Problem-solving builds teamwork. Your lovers/partners/tops/trainers/whatever? That is your team – make it strong by showing up for each other as much as possible and when you can’t? Take a nap and then show up some more.

This is what makes kink amazing. These moments. These connections. These emotions. You have everything you need to tumble into the best rabbit hole right now.

Cherish your partner.
Cherish the moment.
Cherish yourself.


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