Humanity, Privacy and Empathy

So Meatlist.

Think about that.

Not even Women of Fetlife, or People on FL, but Meat. Actually stripped of personhood, of humanity.

Which, in a lot of contexts is a really, *really* hot thing. Seriously, if we’re ever hanging out over beers, as me about my abandoned warehouse meathook fantasy sometime. It’s ridiculously filthy, and stupid hot.

But when you don’t have any say in it? When it’s not in your control and you ** did not consent**? It’s not okay. Your desire does not trump another person’s humanity.

This outrage is only about privacy as far as expectations of being left alone, I get that it’s hard for some to empathize with, but you don’t just *get* access to women because they exist. They don’t owe you time reading emails, they don’t owe you a conversation on the street, they don’t owe you the opportunity to pitch.

And guys don’t owe anyone these things either – but no one challenges that because you were born with a penis *and* your gender identity has stayed fixed in your life. The rest of us? We weren’t so lucky. We gotta deal with a lot of people who think they *are* owed a base level of interaction, or are owed access, or opportunity.

This is what privilege looks like sometimes – people leaving you the fuck alone.

Please don’t be a jerk about people wanting the same thing you have.


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