Putting Wax in your Urethra

This search term has brought enough people to my blog that I’m officially making an entry for it.

Because I feel strongly about this y’all.

I would advise against this kind of activity, solely for the reason that wax breaks easily and you really, really don’t want to be getting things stuck in your Urethra.  If the warm sensation is something you’re interested in combining with urethra play, I’d suggesting looking into ways you can warm sounds before using them.    If it’s the wax on genitals sensation you’re looking for, plug up for protection and go to town.

Quick note for those playing with a urethra/vulva combo, due to the close proximity of the urethra to the vaginal opening I’m going to advise (while we’re on the topic) not putting wax inside the vaginal opening either.  I’m willing to through a little less side-eye at this one because at least you could do a  finger check or douche to ensure the wax was out – but that comes with it’s own disruption of vagainal flora consequences.

I guess this is the kinda fetish that, at the end of the day, falls into the more risky than it needs to be category.  While you’re free to make your choices, I’ll still be here advocating for the least risky way and critical thinking in all things.

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