Kink of the Week: Sounding

Sounding – also known as cock stuffing –  is the practice of inserting something into the urethra.  Like most things while you can technically put a wide variety of things down (in?  up?) there, here are a few things in mind:

The urethra is a sensitive place.  Bacteria in it can lead to urinary tract infections, which in turn can lead to a whole bunch of complications ending in ‘itis.  So when choosing a sound, you want something easy to clean.  Pick instruments that are solid and without seams.  If what you’re using does have seams, pay special attention to cleaning those areas so the bacteria can’t hide.  You also want something sturdy – please do not put anything likely to break (like glass thermometers) in there.

Before we go any further, I should note that the necessary equipment for sounding is a urethra – it doesn’t matter if that urethra lives in a penis or a vulva.  That said, I have zero experience sounding urethra’s that live in vulvas, so everything you’ll read below specifically relates to penises.

Investing in a set of sounds might seem expensive from the start; but having the right tools is worth it for this activity.  Remember, you don’t have to get a full kit, or even a full sound to start.  “Penis Plugs” won’t go as deep as a sounds, so that can be a way to ease yourself in.  Individual sounds in varying sizes are a bit harder to find; my web searches have really only turned up Black Rabbit – which is an Australia based online retailer.

Commonly sounds are made from stainless steel, which means you can boil them clean between uses, but do also give them a quick wipe down with a body safe disinfectant wipe (alcohol, iodine, etc) right before you use them again.

Once you’ve got your sounds, you’ve cleaned them, and you’re ready to go, grab some lube (many people recommended Surgilube – which you can usually pick up while ordering your sounds), coat the head of the sound well and drop it in.  Size-wise, you want to start with as large as possible, while still easily sliding in – without any feelings of stretching just yet.

While you might have to gently manipulate the penis or sound to help it along its path, you shouldn’t be forcing it.  Risks of forcing include things like puncturing the urethral wall – not good. Despite a drop that might make you wonder if it’ll fall in, sounds stop naturally when they hit the bladder.  They can enter the bladder, but that’s more advanced than I’m comfortable writing about.  To avoid piecing the bladder, don’t use any real amount of pressure or force to move the sound further if it’s already in deep and you’ve got resistance.

What you do once the sound is in is largely up to you.  Some people like to play with themselves, some prefer to lay back and soak in the sensation.  Some people like to move the sound up and down, others like to press on their perineum (taint) to feel the sound press against their prostate.  Others like to adjust to the sensation of the current sound for a moment before moving a size up.  Keep in mind; anytime the sound isn’t moving smoothly, pull it out, add more lube and reinsert.

You may feel some burning or pressure while you’re doing this – it comes with playing with sensitive tissue.  You shouldn’t feel any sharp pain though so if you do, back off and evaluate before trying again. Are you trying to force it in?  Are you having a strange reaction to the lube?  If you try again and the pain continues, go seek a knowledgeable person who can give you some suggestions or training before you try again.

As always, these kink of the week articles are just a starting point.  It’s a great idea to do more reading, or seek out members of your local community who are practiced in sounding that can help you out with questions; or even help you experience it for the first time.  Here are some additional resourced to check out:

  • In depth sounding article – including discussion of different types of sounds for erect vs flaccid play, troubleshooting – and Winter (the author) pops into the comments now and then to answer questions.
  • Sounding on Kink Academy – two videos, including a demonstration of sounding.  Both video’s are members only, but as you know, quality education is worth the price!

7 thoughts on “Kink of the Week: Sounding

  1. CG says:

    If something is this dangerous, common sense tells you you shouldn’t do it. There is no sexual gratification in it, either. It is just stupid and risky.

    1. Heather says:

      So many things in life are dangerous – driving, flying, playing sports, yet we do them because we find enjoyment in them. Life isn’t safe, what’s important is that we know how to mitigate the risks that we choose to take.

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