Q&A: Bruising

Q: How do I get rid of bruises faster?

For some Kinksters, bruises are badges of honour  they collect like trophies.  For other’s though?  An annoyance to hide from suspicious eyes until they go away.  Me?  I’m wildly indifferent until they yellow – not a great colour for my skin tone.

Here’s the crux of a bruise (known medically as a contusion) – it’s blood and fluid collecting under your skin in an area that you’ve done some damage to. The more damage to that area, the more you’re likely to bruise.  Make sense?

Unfortunately it’s really hard to promise someone that a bdsm activity won’t lead to bruising – especially if you like to play with intensity.  There are, however, some steps you can take.

Preventative measures:

  • Keep your iron levels up.  If your Iron is low you’re more likely to bruise.  Eat foods rich in iron or take a supplement.

  • Get creative with your play areas.  Necks are great to bite – but so are sides, inner thighs and bums!

  • Keep the seasons in mind.  We all tend to show more skin in the warmer months so consider designating some activities (like calf or arm caning) to cooler months where you can cover up with clothing and not overheat.

  • Use the right tools – metal cuffs pinch and bang on skin; larger leather cuffs (I have the red pair – comfy enough to sleep in!) protect your soft tissue from damage.

Once you’ve been bruised:

  • If the tissue is still tight and the bruise hasn’t formed yet, ice the area. 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off for as long as you’re willing to, or a couple of hours.  This constricts the blood flooding into the area and will lessen the overall size of the bruise.

  • If the bruising is on a leg, elevate it while icing to help minimize blood flow to the area.

  • After the bruises have ‘bloomed’ – that is to say your skin isn’t holding anymore lumps; you can take the heat to them.  Draw yourself a nice warm bath or use a hot compress.

  • Rub ’em out.  This helps break up the blood in the area and get it back into your body.  Some people use arnica gel along with rubbing because they think it promote healing.  Me? I’m not convinced it’s the arnica moreso than the rubbing…but hey, there’s often something to the old if you mind believes it, your body makes it so adage, so if you want to use arnica gel or cream, it won’t hurt.

How long bruises stick around depends a lot on you (your actions and body itself) – but if you’ve still got them after 2 weeks, swing in for some medical attention.

Another arnica related note.  You can take arnica in pill form as part of your preventative measures.  Again, science doesn’t back this up anymore than echinacea for colds; and yet? Some people swear by it.  If you want to add this pill to your preventative routine, make sure you’re using a diluted form that you buy from a source you trust as the plant by itself is toxic.

Got a question you want answered?  Feel free to ask in the comment below, or use this form to keep it anon.

One thought on “Q&A: Bruising

  1. Operation Plumbbob says:

    For folks who really want to get rid of bruises fast: Bruise Cream. I get mine online but I think you can find it in some drug stores. It’s actually called Bruise Cream. A friend of mine who’s really clumsy turned me onto it. It works super fast (1-3 days if you apply before the bruise shows, 3-5 days for regular already surfaced bruises). I bruise really easy and would look like a car crash victim if it weren’t for the stuff.

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