Happy #AdultSexEd Month!

Thanks to A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind, June has been proclaimed #AdultSexEdMonth, and I pretty much feel in adoration with that as soon as @SexinWords brought it to my attention.  After all, Adults?  Sex? Education?  These are a few of my favourite things!  (If anyone wants to round that out, send puppies; I’ve got champagne in the fridge)

To play along in my own way, instead of me directing content this month, I’m going to put it in your hands by giving y’all space to ask the questions you want to know and I’ll answer them.  If I don’t know that answer I’ll go digging into my network to find the answer.  I’ll answer 1 question a week here, and 1 question over on my general sexuality vlog, so feel free to make the questions as vanilla or perverted as they need to be.  What do you wish you knew?

If you’re cool with letting me know who is asking you can contact me in all the regular ways – comment below, shoot me some FetLife Mail (I would recommend putting #AdultSexEdMonth in the subject line so I know to get to it, things can get a bit swampy over there), or e-mail me directly:  heather at authenticsexualyou.com

or If you would like to be anon about this, you can make with the clicky and use this form  I’ve created just for you, and we can both shake our fists at WordPress for not displaying iframe code.

To keep up with all the #AdultSexEdMonth goodness you can follow @GoodDirtyWoman on twitter or check her website starting June 1 for a list of all the participants.

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