November Events

I feel a bit strange writing a post about this; self promotion is still new and strange to me….  but I’m doing a lot of nifty stuff this month that some of y’all might be interested in.  So I’m sharing what’s going on with me over the next month.

November 2-3: The Everything to do with Sex Show
I’ll be in the community dungeon for Friday, Saturday night and Sunday.  Come by and chat with me about whatever you like.  Also, quiet fact?  I’m got some pretty good skills with a flogger; especially florentine flogging,  and I’m happy to give lessons.


November 9-11: Playground Conference
I’m teaching a practical workshop on Conflict Saturday (with SqueakToy),  and participating in a panel discussion on Compersion Sunday –  I’m very excited about both of those topics, so I’m really looking forward to sharing things with people.

Plus I’ll be around all weekend sucking up the learnings – Sexuality and Faith Communities; Negotiation is Sexy?  Unf!  Not to mention the opening party at Oasis, or the free opening keynote.   I love me a conference and Playground is truly one of the best in Toronto.


November 10th:  N00B  (Fetlife Link)
Brand spanking new to kink or the BDSM community?  This event is tailor made for you.  I’ll be presenting Pick Up Play: a Primer at 9:30pm and there’s 4 or 5 other sessions going on that night as well.  Plus a lot of really knowledgeable people will be hanging around ready to chat with you about kink and answer general questions you have.


November 17th: O-Town Kink
This one’s in Ottawa; and it’s a combo education, experience, and fetish night.  I’m teaching two classes while I’m there:
Plays Well with Others:  Social intelligence for the delightfully perverted – This is all about meeting people, navigating events, and finding other kinksters just like you.
Negotiation 101 – This class covers the basics, the ‘whys’ behind negotiating and will give you what you need to get started work.  I’m big on negotiating from a place of personal empowerment, so we’re going to be discussing what it means to be empowered as a person – no matter what side of the whip you’re on.

AND because O-town kink is awesome; they’ve made these two workshops specially priced.  $10 for both workshops.  All the other workshops are $20 each; so this a fantastic deal – big thank you to Lord Morpheous and Wicked Wanda for their sponsorship of those classes.


So – big month eh?  Hope I’m going to see you out at some stuff!

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