The Ways I Play: Part 1 – Hunger

I play because I want your soul

Not all of it.  But some.   I want a taste you, just a morsel – something to satisfy my cravings.

Now is not the time for well thought out negotiations.  This desire is much too urgent, too heady.  This play is not for the cautious or safety-focused.  This play has ended before in accidental injury – yes it comes with costs, and I choose to pay them.

I play because I want you.

 I want to feel your energy, your spirit, your aggression.  I want to connect with that animal side of you, that primal side of you.  I want your sweat, your spit, your grunts and groans.  I want your heat.

I want to strip back the layers of you, to peel off your calm surface and see an honest part of you.

I want to see where we go, together, when we decide to take a journey.  It doesn’t matter who’s in charge.  What matters is that we face each other strongly because fIf I feel you slacking, I’ll do my best to goad you into more.  No I won’t Brat; I don’t brat.  I’ll simply find a way to tell you  I want more through growls, through bites or scratches, through cries or whispers or sighs of joy:  I want more

I want to drink you in until we’re both sated.

This play isn’t over until we’re both panting, both sweaty, both spent and the only thing left to do is collapse and rest – together.  Extra points if it’s right into earth.

I play because I want your soul.

2 thoughts on “The Ways I Play: Part 1 – Hunger

  1. Omy says:

    Very nicely put..controlling that beast can be a challenge and fun..and after it’s done, hope that you haven’t broken to much furniture 😉

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