Ain’t Life Funny

finally got around to listening  to Lee Harrington’s podcast on sexual shamanism today.

I say finally because I downloaded it in January when sacred sexuality was intensely on my mind – what fate thought I.

But  I didn’t listen.

In fact, every time I went looking for something to listen to, that wasn’t it.  It so wasn’t it that I actually went hunting for new podcasts when it was the only unheard file on my iPod.

Seven months later, sacred sexuality is much less front and centre in my mind.  In fact, sacred anything isn’t front an centre in my mind.  I’ve spend the past few months training for Yukon hiking adventure (which, actually was kiboshed when I sprained my ankle on the second day of my trip), creating classes, playing,  planning TNG events, volunteering, fucking,  – life has been a blur of doing the things I love to do.

But apparently today it was time to hear this podcast.

So I listened; while sipping ice coffee, eating my wrap and staring at a blank white wall.

And I didn’t take away a single thing about sacred sex – at least, not in the way I expected too.

I did however, take away some really important seeds about creating intentional space, and creating an intentional scene, and creating an intentional life.  Which I suspect when the mind dust settles will teach me a lot about sacred sex.

Yeah.  I think I’m going to go listen again and think some more.

Erotic Awakenings 165 – Sacred Sexual Shamanism Fire, and Connection

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