Are we, or are we not Adults?

Consider that rhetorical question.

If you’re reading this, I assume you are one.

And that means you need to grow the hell up around communicating your desires.

There is absolutely no call for you to be violating anyone’s space – especially if you do it in the name of expressing interest.  If you want to let someone know you are interested in them, use your words.  After all, you’re interested in them, so you would like them to be interested back right?  That automatically gives you a reason to want  them to be happy with you; and violating someone’s personal boundaries does not make with the warm fuzzy feelings.

We are no longer running around on a school playground.  It is no longer time to pull someone’s hair or push them to the ground to signal our interest.  When you were immature and didn’t understand exactly how to express the complicated feelings of desire that’s one thing.  But 18 plus years later?  Really?  You’re still doing this?

A child-like appreciate for whimsy can be adorable, but immaturity is not sexy.

And the disgusting air of entitlement at work here? No.  You do not have any rights to another person’s body that they do not give you.  Do not slap their ass in passing; do not pull their hair in greeting; do not try to make someone kiss you, or hug you.

Stop it.  Just stop it.

If you want to let someone know you like them, tell them.  You can say it frankly, you can say it shyly, you can say it sexy – but for fuck sake.  Tell them.

I grantee you’ll walk away with a clearer picture of how they feel about you than any other way.

And keep your hands the fuck to yourself until you have permission to do otherwise.


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