Letters to a Dominant

Dear D-types

I often hear you say you want to help your partner grow and be all that they can be.  I hear you say you cherish your property.  Sometimes  I even hear the L word.

Then instead of dreaming up elaborate protocols and punishments and assignments, teach them how to communicate their needs, their wants, and their desires.   Or do dream up elaborate protocols, and punishments and assignments on how they can communicate effectively with you.

….though I gotta say; random punishment?  Can make honesty and communication a difficult goal to achieve…..

Show them that it’s okay to share their fears and reward them for their honesty and vulnerability.  Use your strength to show them that you too can be honest and vulnerable.

It is the single best thing you can do for your relationship, because it will support your partner, support your power exchange, and support clear consent.  It is the single best gift you can give your girl, or boy, or pet, or little, or sub, or property – and yes, you will personally benefit from it.  Even if they use that gift to communicate that they’re needing to walk a different path in their life.

Because you will know that you helped to make a better human being.

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