Packing an Event Survival Kit

I’m a fan of larger BDSM events – multiday, hundreds of people; busy schedule – delightful!  I especially adore kinky camping events.  There’s something so amazingly awesome about going to sleep to the sounds of sex, drums, and screams, and then waking right back up to it a few hours later.  Emergence in a world of open minded kinksters always does my spirit right.

One of the challenges about these types of events though is that you don’t spend a great deal of time at your home base – or if you do, you spend a lot of time running back and forth to get the things you need.  So I like to pack with me a survival kit; that way, when my tent in the morning I know I’ve got what I need to get me through my days adventures.  I repack it at night as it tends to coincide with an outfit change anyway.  I use a small messenger bag.  It’s kakhi and has a first on the front, so it seems to fit with kink events.  Plus I’ve added buttons that often spark conversations – and also display what I consider important (consent is sexy people).  You could also use: backpacks, or a utility belt (so much sexier than a fanny pack!)  The key is small and easy to carry – extra points of being attached to you so you don’t leave it somewhere.

My Event Survival Kit

Here’s what in my kit:

Daytime kit:

–          Notebook

–          Sunscreen

–          Water bottle

–          Smokes & lighter

–        Toothbrush/toothpaste

–          Pen

–          candy/after dinner mints

–          Change purse (containing 2 flavoured condoms, 2 unflavoured condoms 2 packs lube and $20)

Night time kit:

–          Bugspray

–          Toothbrush/toohpaste

–          Flashlight (This bad boy was gifted to me this summer at VICE one of 2 awesome camping events at The Point – it’s great cuz it hooks right onto my bra and I always know where it is!)

–          LED poi

–          Waterbottle

–          Smokes & lighter

–          Change purse (keep this stocked)

–          Candy/after dinner mints

For the record, I don’t necessarily carry around the condoms and lube for myself, but hey, you’re at a kinky camp… these needs come up and I’m happy to share what I have.  I pick them up at shows over the year so there’s no expense to it, and I feel good about doing my part to promote safer sex.

For my most recent event,  FetFest, I added a portable ash tray (read an empty water bottle) as it had been advertised there would be no ash trays around.  Most camping events I go to, butts go in fire rings, but FetFest didn’t have many fires.     My bottle worked out well since I could smoke as much as I wanted without being that dick who was leaving butts everywhere.  If you want something sexier than a bottle, there are heaps of options.

Other things you may want to put in your survival kit:

–          Band-Aids

–           tensor bandage/vetwrap

–          rope

–          latex or nitrile gloves

–          tampons

–          candy

–          emergency contact information/ health insurance

–          epi pen

–          business/introduction cards

–          Alcohol wipes

–          Hand sanitizer

So, what’s in your kit?

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