2 Podcasts worth listening to

I’m not a great weekly person.  I rarely got into TV shows (when I did have a TV) because I suck at being in the same place at the same time each week.  Series don’t tend to hold my attention for long.  So usually I’m well behind on my podcast listening, so perhaps many of you have already heard these, but if you haven’t (!) here are two episodes worth checking out:

1.  Poly Weekly 268 – Poly Families.  Minx interviews a sociologist on her research around polyamory; touches on kink, class, race, families…all sorts of stuff to make my inner academic happy.  Plus, it makes me happy that I’m not the only one wondering why the hell kink is so white!

2.  The Dark Side Ep. 41 – Master C.  This was my dinner companion tonight, which may have cause a few looks to be thrown my why while I was sitting alone in a restaurant nodding enthusiastically about every 5 minutes – but, such is the price for good ear candy.  As I’m learning bootblacking, and starting to dip my toes ever so slightly into the world of Leather, I’m loving just about anything I can soak up and learn about Leather folk, culture, houses, terminology, families, etc.  More label definitions to spin around in my head, and very interesting to hear about the interpersonal dynamics and relationship structures in Master C’s house, and among his family members.

Plus, if I thought I was looking forward to Graydancer’s TEASE workshops, I’m really looking forward to Master C’s Risk Management Theory.

On a side note:   if, like me, you like to read all sorts of up on  interesting people’s thoughts, Master C now blogs!

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