Why I’ll be Participating in SlutwalkTO

I’ve said before that I’m not partial to the word slut – I don’t care for the hard ‘t’ , and there’s a lot of connotation around the word I don’t like (my word of choice, for the record, is Whore), so when I first heard about SlutWalk Toronto I was skeptical – would it just be a bunch of people using it as an excuse to be exhibitionists?  But the more I thought I put into the reasonings behind it, the more I think that this walk is needed and necessary.

The following is something I left as a comment on this BlogTO Article.  I think it’s important enough to repost, and I’d love it if anyone else would like to add their own reasoning to this post.

Find out more about SultWalkTO here

Why I’m walking:

There is a problem when the services that are meant to help victims of crime are using a victim-blaming models of thinking. This is not about the actions of one single police officer. It’s that, plus the media coverage on the gang-rape of the 11 year old, or the repeated sexual assaults on reporter Lara Logan; plus the Winnipeg judge that decided a convicted rapist should be excuse from any jail time because the woman he raped was wearing heels, a tube top and make up, and said she wanted to party.
Saying “I want to party” is not saying “I want to have sex with you.”

Those examples are all pulled from the past 2 months – and there are so many more out there.   It’s these problems in the justice system and in society that keep sexual assaults – both female, male, and trans an underreported crime.

I’m walking because this is not okay.

I’m walking because our government doesn’t think sex workers deserve to work in the safest environment possible.

I’m walking because I want every woman to know she as has much right to freedom of sexual expression as a man does.

I’m also walking because I think it’s important that people think critically about sexual freedom, sexual expression and sexual safety.

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