Ask a What Now?

mis·an·thrope (msn-thrp, mz-) also mis·an·thro·pist (ms-nthr-pst, mz-)

n. One who hates or mistrusts humankind.


If you know the person behind Kinkopedia, you may well know how I feel about Misanthropes – they’re on my list of people to cut out of my life.  After dating one for a year, I realized their negativity was draining way too much on my happiness and vowed Misanthropes would be a partner hard limit.

But fuckin eh, do they ever make great friends sometimes.  Why?  Because they give you permission to snark; to be petty, and jaded, and all the other things many optimists and romantic gloss over percisely because it messes with our world view.

And maybe that’s why, right now I’m really digging The Polyamorous Misanthrope.  I’m finding her the perfect blend of snarky humour, and practical advice, which is great for how I’m feeling about relationships these days.  And, why I’ve added another hard limit to my partner’s list.  No non-grown ups!

One more article I’d like to highlight for y’all is “How Can I tell if I’m Polyamorous?” is the Wrong Question, as it’s got a whole lotta great food for thought including actual useful questions like: Are my relationships working? and Am I happy?


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