What is the Point of the TNG?

Fair Disclosure:  I’ve attended the Toronto TNG munch since 2007.  I’ve been involved on an organization level since 2009.  And now on with the show….

What is the point of the TNG?

Is it a first step kink organization, or is it a youth kink organization?

If it’s first step organization, why don’t we allow people of all ages?  Afer all, people discover kink at different ages in life.  What new kinksters are share is the fact that they’re new.

But, if the point of the of the TNG is to be a youth focused kink group, and I aruge that is is, this explains the age restrction.  Does it justify it?  Nope.  But sorry, that argument has been done to death for me.  Like it or not, special groups exist.  I consider this to be a morally neautral subject.  You, of course, dear reader, are welcome to disagree.

So if the TNG exists as a youth focused kink organization then what does opening the vents up to all ages do?  It compromises the youth space that has been created and risks losing what attracted the TNG members to the group in the first place.  Now, this hypothesis does assume that what attracts TNG’ers to the group in the first place is the fact that it is a youth organization….  And if that premise is false, then I find myself back to the original question.

Why does the TNG exist?


On a complete tangent, if you`ve ever found yourself curious about how the TNG came to existance, you can hear it from the man himself, here.

2 thoughts on “What is the Point of the TNG?

  1. Serenity9 says:

    For me TNG was a stepping stone to a wider community. It’s how I used it and I’ve been remarkable successful with that. I wonder though if I get caught up in the path I took and see it too much as the one twue path. Of course I recognize it’s not, but at the core I got to question the ideology behind the TNG. What purpose does the TNG serve and is it serving that purpose? What does a youth kink organization do, what is it spouse to do and is it doing it? There really isn’t a clear mandate or direction as far as I can tell besides providing resources and education. Yet is that enough to justify the existence of a whole organization? Troubling questions that I’ve been pondering for a while now.

    Ultimately it exist and people take advantage of it as a resources. Not everyone will get the most out of the larger community let alone the TNG and there’s no way to force people to do so. Which saddens me as I personally know there is so much out there to explore and learn.

    That’s why it’s always going to be my agenda to encourager people to get out and take advantage of resource. Yes there are brilliant people in TNG to talk to and learn from, but that brilliance isn’t restricted to age. Otherwise you’re right TNG is a youth organization with all the benefits and failings that go with it.

  2. Kiya says:

    Frankly, TNG exists as a youth focused group because younger kinksters (regardless of their level of experience) simply aren’t always comfortable with older kinksters (again, regardless of their level of experience) around. Sometimes that’s because some of the older kinksters can’t help but leering at a good looking younger person, or the younger people don’t want to feel like they’re being propositioned by or watching “their parents” play (and honestly that’s a legitimate concern – my community has a number of families that have to set up a schedule in order to share the various kink and fetish events without encountering a parent, sibling or child). Sometimes it’s because they’re sick of the older kinksters being judgmental / holier than thou / lecturing them / interrupting them with “you’re doing this wrong” etc. So although that does come across as ageist and, to some extent, it is, it explains both the need for and the (some of the) reasons why TNG exists.

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