Why do you Hold onto Dead Things?

They rot.  And have you ever tried to get rotting carcass smell out of the linens?

I’m a fan of change.  No,  it’s not always the most fun or easy thing, but it’s exciting, it’s fresh, it’s new, it’s adventure and I’m a brave girl.   I’m also a believer in change.  I believe that life changes; we change, our relationships, our wants and needs – they change.  It’s this belief in change that makes me loath to close a final door on things.  After all, in 6 months, a year we can be different people.  I’ve seen that change in myself.

But sometimes, holding onto something in the hope of change doesn’t serve our best interests.  Faith is a beautiful thing when it pays off, and a heartbreaking thing when it doesn’t.

Sometimes, it’s time to stop the faith.  Let go of the dead things and move on with life.

Yet another lesson in 2010 – the year of Letting Go and the continued life lesson of learning balance.

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