That is just hot

Blah blah blah, we love rope, we love rope, blah blah blah.

You can probably guess from my opening sentence I’m not the world’s biggest rope enthusiast.  What so many people find peaceful and desirable about rope, I find a bit… slow.   Mind you, I’m the kinda girl who practice her standing yoga poses on a wobble board, because reaching zen is more fun when you might fall on your ass!
My favourite rope scenes involve me being tied up, and then left (or timed) to get out of it.  This does not suit the style of most rope tops.

With Shibaricon just a few months away, and after chatting with a friend about her hopes to attend, I decided to take a peak at some of the workshops; and I’m glad I did.

Jay Wiseman will be teaching a class entitled  Negotiations as Foreplay.

Good pre-scene negotiations help lay the foundation for a wonderful scene. Rushed or inadequate pre-scene negotiations lay the foundation for a disaster. Self-confessed “negotiation fetishist” Jay Wiseman will present an approach to pre-scene negotiation, in-scene communication, and post-scene feedback that is easy to remember, comprehensive, effective, and “keeps the fun in it.” from Shibaricon Bio

Now that is hot.

I may not be a rope enthusiast, but I am a communication enthusiast.  Skilful negotiations not only set the grounds for a respectful scene, they also increase the trust levels between partners which will allow you to go to places, even with casual partners, that you had only dreamed of.

It’s almost enough to make a nonrope gal want to head state side.


As pointed out in the comments… I was looking at 2009’s information.  but I stand by my thoughts – that class is still hot.. even if I can’t take it.  There are some really cool looking self care classes coming up in 2010 though, like:

Mollena Willima’s Negotiations for the Shy Freaks and Dorky Deviant (points for the title alone!)
SherynB’s Beyond Aftercare: Managing Your Emotional and Energetic Needs

6 thoughts on “That is just hot

  1. Nixie says:

    In some ways I feel the same way about ropes. Then I see a certain someone doing her rope, and I am like DAMN! 🙂

    As for negotiations? Yeah, I probably should start working on those….lol

  2. Serenity9 says:

    Ohh, thanks for reminding me, I need to plan my schedule and book the hotel and flight still. I will seriously have to consider “Negotiations as Foreplay”, but “Basic Hojojutsu” and “Manipulation of the Bound” run at the same damn time. Gah, I can see why people say Shibaricon is so frustrating with the overlapping workshops. 😦

    1. kinkopedia says:

      Always the problem with the mutli-track conference… but I suppose it’s better to have too many classes you want to attend than not enough.

      Not sure if you know or not, but Porter flies from the Island Airport to Midway in Chicago; and if you book early (like at least a month in advance) you can score good deals.

  3. lotuslily says:

    you could absolutely come! That’s last year’s schedule, but no doubt the classes will be just as amazing this year! I’m planning on flying Porter airlines too!

  4. bliss says:

    You at Shibaricon? Awesome sauce! You know, when i first heard about it, i thought, “Four days of rope? Really?” But once i experienced it for myself, i couldn’t believe the variety of topics, and how they much interweaved with power exchange, sadism and masochism, and host of other fun topics. Plus there is just so much cool stuff to watch in the dungeons, so many cool people to meet, and….kinky shopping! Not only are there cool vendors at Shibaricon, but MLT is on the same weekend in downtown Chicago, which has one of the biggest kinky shopping opportunities in N. America. We are vowing to get there this year!


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