Kink of the week: Paraphilias

Sexual Paraphilias, from the Greek roots para (besides) and philia (love) are intense and recurring attraction to anything out of the sexual norm.  Unfortunately, there is little agreement on what is the sexual norm, and as society changes, so do norms.

To clarify the difference between a fetish and a paraphilia, a fetish means you require a certain aspect to be present in order to receive sexual gratification (read: orgasm). Parahphilias are those special things that turn your crank… or in my case, make you stop in the street and have to fight the urge to follow that guy with the hair who just walked by you.  Yep, I said hair. I’m a trichopiliac.

Here’s a list of paraphilias you may not have heard of; see any you dig on?

Bromidrophilia – attraction to body order/smells
Genuphilia – attraction to knees
Mechanophilia – attraction to cars
Mythophilia – attraction to myths, stories, or gossip
Nasophilia – attraction to noses
Onomatophilia – attraction to words, or a certain word
Rupophilia – attraction to dirt
Sitiophilia – attraction to food
Spectrophilia – attraction to ghosts
Vorarephilia – Desire to eat, or be eaten by another.

Philias remind me a bit of rule 34 on the internet, if you’ve thought about it, there’s a philia for it.  If you want to read more types of philias, check out the list on AlphaDictionary – fair warning, it’s a long one!

8 thoughts on “Kink of the week: Paraphilias

  1. Nixie says:

    HA, thanks for this! I’ll have to go check out that list! I wonder if we can get Mr. Baku to change from Fetishes to Paraphilias! 😀

    1. Nixie says:

      Ok, so I have:
      anablephilia – looking up (LOVE tall men, there may be a better term for
      bathyphilia – depth or deep water
      ceraunophilia – thunder and lightning
      electrophilia – electricity
      loutrophilia – washing or bathing
      pnigerophilia – choking or being smothered

      Yup, those are some of mine 😀 They definitely turn my crank 😀

      1. kinkopedia says:

        And ex of mine had ceraunophilia; he’d be all sorts of turned on and raring while I jumped every 5 seconds from the thunder! Perfect example of non-complementary kinks.

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