Kink of the Week: Wax Play

My first experience with wax play was at Tease 2007.  I was purchased in the auction by a lovely pair, and after negotiations,  we settled on a wax play scene, followed by a caning.  Under the trees and fairy lights of Club Tiki, I was pampered as His girl massaged oil into my back, warm wax was poured and splashed over me by a lovely gentleman, raked clean by his girl’s sharp nails – than repeated on my front.  It was heaven.

And to this day, wax play remains one of my favourite types of sensual play.  That’s right, this little maso just used the s-word.  Sensual is my personal preferred way to play with wax,  But, like almost every other type of play out there, wax can be played with over a wide scale of intensity.

If you’re just starting out with wax play and want to ease your way in, start by using soy or paraffin wax.   Both have low melting temperatures, and soy wax (provided it’s uncoloured) can be easily cleaned off fabrics and hair with hot soapy water.   Temperature can be further altered by the height you drop the wax from, the amount dropped (think drip vs splash), and what the wax is dropped onto.  Wrapping the skin in pallet wrap, or using a brush to paint a thin layer of wax onto the skin first will take out some of the heat.  Tapered candles or thin pillar candles (like the one above) will be hotter than candles that have space for the wax to pool (think votives in jars or larger pillar candles) because of how close the wax is to the flame, so keep that in mind.

If  / when you feel like taking it up a notch, you can use candles/waxes with a higher melting temperature (such as palm or beeswax), drop more wax closer to the body, etc.  But keep in mind, playing at a higher level of intensity does not need to be your goal.  You won’t be getting a certificate because your partner dropped a pint of bees wax down your urethra, so play to impress yourselves, no one else.  Also – remember what I just said about tapered candles!

Should you find yourself impatiently waiting for the candles to melt, why not whip up a bunch of melted wax in advance?  Create your own double boiler by filling a larger pot half way full of water then putting a mason jar filled with wax in the middle of the large pot.  Stir the wax as it melts and you’re set!

Looking for a little more variety in your waxplay?  Try chasing the wax with ice cubes, or playing with colours.

Wax art and photography by GMHedon, canvas provided by his lovely girl

The wax art pictured to the left was created using Crayola crayons.  Crayolas, like your average crayon, are not made from 100% wax, and will leave a residue on the skin that is sticker than you’ll be used to.  Ways to work around this: melt Crayolas into your regular wax to keep the colour with less stickiness, or rub the area with oils before you start for easier removal.

Because crayons are designed for children, they are nontoxic, so you needed worry about toxicity.  However not all crayons are created equal, and the additives in one brand of crayons may cause an unintended reaction with your skin.

According to some users of the Google Group soc.subculture.bondadage-bdsm (ssbb), a quick way to test the usability of crayons is to choose a light colour and heat to the point of melting.  If the wax discolours as it melts, avoid it.  Should you want to take extra precautions for additives, head to your local art supply store to purchase 100% pure wax crayons.  Another smart idea is to test a small amount of wax on your skin, and watch for any reactions over a 24 hour period.  Just as we all do with hair dye… right?

Looking for more Info?    ssbb has collected a number of questions/emails/threads, and (of course) there’s a FetLife Group – with some great tips on clean up, warm up, and dealing with the wax/body hair issue.  There’s also a nifty little book on Hot Wax and Temperature Play by Spectrum, which is part of Greeny Presses’ Toybag Guide collection.

If you wound your way here by searching some combo of wax + urethra I’ve got some thoughts for you on that over here.

12 thoughts on “Kink of the Week: Wax Play

  1. Nixie says:

    R and I have tried it once. And it was a disaster. BUT we know what went wrong. Reading this….I can’t wait to try it again! 😀

      1. Nixie says:

        No…not really a funny disaster. More of a discovery that I hate stuff on my face. *shudder*

        😀 But yes, I can’t wait to try again!

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