Kink of the Week: Hojojutsu

Hojōjutsu (捕縄術) or Nawajutsu, (縄術) is the traditional Japanese martial art of restraining a person using cord or rope.   Wiki

Hojojutsu basically breaks into two categories, Hayanawa (capture and restraint), and honnawa (“main rope” used for long term bindings and transportation).  One of the things I find absolutely fascinating about, well, really Japanese society in general, is the mindfulness paid to social norms.

Even at this stage, attention was still paid to visual and aesthetic concerns in the tying method as well as to the cultural needs of Japanese society. According to [Wikipedia], an accused but not convicted prisoner would be tied using methods which allowed the prisoner to be securely restrained but which contained no knots to save the prisoner the shame of being publicly bound. Instead of securing the tie with knots, the constable held on to the free end of the rope and walked behind the prisoner to keep him or her under control as the prisoner was taken for an interrogation which could involve the application of one or more forms of judicial torture to elicit a confession.  Wiki

I first got a view of Hojojutsu while attending Michael Sol’s Kinky College class: Torture and Torment to Sensual Art.  From the little bit I saw, I was turned on.  It’s fast, it’s physical, there’s (sometimes) breathplay, takedowns, and the opportunity to get close to your partner in a very tactile way – all things I dig on.  That said, it’s also dangerous if not done skillfully.  Remember this was created for the capture of prisoners; not kinksters.

If you’re interested in learning more about Hojo, the FetLife Hojojutsu Group is a great place to start.  For those craving some hands on instruction, Sir C will be teaching a basic Hojojutsu class and a Hojojutsu/Jujutsu for BDSM Practitioners, and Tipan (with Knotty Jeanette) is teaching Hojojutsu for Pirates, and knot knotless at ShibariCon 2010.

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